Lead Screw Assemblies for Precision Linear Positioning Applications

Universal's precision lead screws feature a patented self-adjusting, preloaded nut that reduces the effects of misalignment and suppresses backlash. By eliminating backlash, repeatability is maximized. All lead screws install simply, with no special tools, into single or multi-axis positioning tables, instruments, or precision mechanisms.

Unmatched lead accuracies minimize thread helix nonlinearity, eliminating the "once around" banding problems common in high-performance graphic imaging equipment such as color scanners, recorders, and printers. Other application examples include:

  • Photomask inspection
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Prepress imaging
  • Microscope stages
  • Automatic focusing axes
  • And much more

Contact us to discuss your application or request a quote. We will help you specify the lowest-cost solution that will meet your requirements.